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Alejandro & Jesús

Once upon a time, in 2009

Alejandro and Jesús were two students of physiotherapy who were full of enthusiasm and eager to conquer the world. They studied together but hardly spoke to each other (no kidding). It was just like that. Just like that. Why should we lie?
We were not friends, but we thought that one day we would start our own business, though we had nothing in common.
At the end of our university period, Jesús moved to France and Alejandro stayed in Seville. We drifted even further apart.

11 years later

We met by chance in Seville (Jesús had finished his French adventure) and we matched.
One day, we met to have a Coke and we started to have many ideas… maybe because of the burbles.
We have been working since 2011, and in 2022, we started to work together with FisioHotel.
Would you like to try us??
More than
Well, we do not want to bother you any longer. If you would like to have more information, contact us. You can read more about Alejandro and Jesús if you click on our names below.
Best Regards!

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