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Alejandro Caraballo


I was born and I grew up in Seville. I have 2 siblings: one of them is my twin.

Before my diploma in Physiotherapy, I studied dental technician and oral hygienist. I was going to enrol in Dentistry, but I suddenly changed my mind. My father almost had a faint. I did not like to see mouths every day.

I do not like parties and I have never been drunk. Is it weird? I am not like people on my age.

My favourite lunch is pizza and the perfect sweet is something with “dulce de leche”.

I have won the tennis championship in Andalusia in every single level and I have been number 10 in the Spanish ranking. I met Rafael Nadal in that period.

The further place I have ever been was Bali and the experience was not so good. I did not enjoy their food and culture.

I am married and I have a child. I like my family and I like playing videogames.

Is there anything bad about me?, I am very stubborn.

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